Hospitality / Entertainment

Your seating space and restaurant booths are the heart of your business, allowing guests to enjoy themselves and your services. From contemporary booth designs to classic furnishings, A&W Upholstery is your one-stop shop for custom designer pieces. We’re known throughout the nation for quick turnaround times that don’t sacrifice quality. We communicate clearly with each client from frame to finishing touches to ensure your exact needs are met. Whether it’s our competitive pricing, installation services, or ability to mass-produce pieces quickly, there are many reasons to choose A&W Upholstery.

Restaurants Booths

Restaurant & booth upholstery must be attractive, durable, and easy to maintain for daily use. Our restaurant pieces are manufactured to meet flame retardant specifications and standards. We’re able to fill large orders and work quickly to minimize wait time and ensure your restaurant booths looks perfect for your guests.

Resorts & Hotels

Create an atmosphere where guests can relax and get away. Whether you’re looking to create a statement piece at the grand entrance or subtlety infuse hospitality into each room, A&W Upholstery is here to help. At A&W Upholstery, our pieces are produced to meet your specifications and add furnished excitement to your environment. Our pieces ensure durability and we offer seamless repair that ensure a polished look.

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