Treat yourself to a Luxury Headboard: What you need to know

Treat yourself to a Luxury Headboard: What you need to know

Modern Luxury HeadboardYour bedroom. It’s where you spend more time than anywhere else. It should be a place that’s truly your own, where everything is perfect, and if it’s just not there, it may not feel right. When you decide to renovate your bedroom, it’s usually one of the last rooms you do, because, let’s face it: no one but you sees it. So there’s no rush, and you usually have a good budget, because you’re not worrying about whether or not you’re going to be able to finish the kitchen renovation under budget. Your bedroom is the one room that should be a perfect space, where you can unplug, rest, and enjoy yourself.

One thing that many homeowners look at when renovating their bedroom is a luxury headboard. There’s no other way to say this: luxury headboards are sexy. They’re sophisticated, and really change the entire feeling of a bedroom. Luxury headboards are usually framed in wood or have a specified wooden back, with an upholstered face, done with your choice of any number of luxury upholstery fabrics. Putting together your luxury headboard is the fun part of a bedroom renovation, because you can really design something that reflects your personality and taste! Here are some tips to help you bring the stylish and sophisticated look of a luxury headboard into your bedroom.

Design Elements

Everything we mention here will all tie into design elements, but before you can determine any of the features we’ll talk about below, you need to determine your basic design elements. You’ve probably browsed Pinterest, or bookmarked some favorite pictures in a magazine. Begin with a rough sketch. You can implement parts of some of the pieces that you’ve seen, but be aware that no upholsterer should create an exact duplicate of something you’ve seen on Pinterest or in a magazine. Those designs belong to the designer. And since this is an opportunity to put your own personal wishes down on paper, you should take that opportunity! Let those ideas flow! Gather inspiration pictures, and even draw out some elements that have really spoken to you. Make sure that you measure your room, and your bed! Remember the adage “measure twice, cut once” can apply to taking measurements that you’re going to bring into an upholstery shop, even though you’re not the one doing the cutting!

Red Luxury Headboard

When choosing to incorporate diamond or biscuit tufting, keep in mind that this method will require you to purchase extra yardage. It costs more, but definitely worth it.

Shape and Style

Pick your headboard shape carefully. There are almost an infinite number of shapes you can choose. Rounded shapes such as Eccleston and York are going to convey a different feel in the room than shapes with sharper corners such as Oxford style, or just a simple rectangle. If your home has a very modern feel, you may want to stick with the sharper corners; if your home is designed to be more retro, than a more rounded shape might fit that design scheme a bit better.

The Size of the Headboard

The idea of a huge headboard that covers an entire wall appeals to me personally. However, you may not be looking for something like that. A huge headboard may make a room look smaller; if you’re trying to design a room that feels comforting, like a nest where you can burrow in with a favorite book, then you may want to go with a larger headboard. However, if you’re wanting a bright space where you can wake up feeling energized, going with a headboard that matches the proportions of your bed is probably the best direction.

Upholstery Nailheads and Trims

When we think of upholstery work, we think of upholstery nailheads as those tiny little nails used to attach the upholstery to whatever material it’s covering. They were used in such a way that you rarely saw the nail, unless you were taking the piece apart. But today, upholstery is usually attached with a staple gun, and you still never see that point. Upholstery nailheads are decorative pieces used to accentuate your piece and create a pattern. There’s several different types you can choose: different metals, different shapes, and different sizes will all give a different look to your piece. While they’re small, they pack a punch. Upholstery nailheads can completely change the look of your luxury headboard. They’re trending on Pinterest now, but over the years, we’ve seen these trend again and again. They’re a timeless addition to your luxury headboard. Using a trim such as welting or cording will also give your luxury headboard a personal touch. The right trim can make your upholstery pop! Trims help to create those designer details that made you “oooh” and “ahh” over your inspiration pictures.


Do you want stitches or buttons on your luxury headboard? Maybe you want to stick with the nailheads. Are you going for a quilted look, or do you want to make a pattern like the one on that chair your dad always used to sit on? Maybe you’ve got an idea for your own unique pattern. Use your imagination. Your design may be inspired by those perfect upholstered headboards that you saw on Pinterest or in a magazine, but the pattern that you choose is one way to put your own stamp on the design. Even something that seems small, such as a stitch pattern, can be used to give a piece additional texture and depth, and is an often overlooked small touch that gives the luxury headboard the look you want to achieve while being your own design.

Blue Upholstery Fabric

This luxurious Adair velvet from JF Fabrics at 150,000 double rubs, will give you luxury as well as longevity. This fabric can be purchased through us or your designer.

Fabric Selection

Truly, this is the fun part of creating your luxury headboard. When we think of upholstery fabrics, we tend to think of those ugly prints that Grandma had on her patio furniture. I promise, this isn’t your Grandma’s upholstery fabric. Today’s fabric has a variety of colors, prints, and weights. What color is your bedroom? Will you use one color or prints? What type of fabric? When choosing your upholstery fabric, keep in mind that some fabrics, particularly those used for upholstery, can be heavy. The heavier upholstery materials such as a quilted or tapestry type material may make it difficult to get clean lines. A great upholsterer will help ensure that your fabric is handled correctly to give you the best look possible. It is also important that you take into consideration that the industry standard upholstery fabric is 54 inches wide, while headboards are usually wider. While a great upholsterer will make sure that the upholstery fabric seams match, upholstery fabric lengths need to be taken into consideration when making the final design decisions. A multi-piece luxury headboard will make it easier to use the upholstery fabrics you want with fewer worries about visible seams.

When all of these style aspects are tied together, you’ll end up with a luxury headboard that is truly your own unique design.

One more thing that needs to be taken into consideration is how the headboard will be attached, and what it will be attached to. With wood frames and weighty upholstery fabric, the completed luxury headboard can be quite heavy. If the headboard is going to be attached to your bed, then weight and height need to be taken into consideration. If the headboard is attached to the wall, you have more freedom in choosing your design, but it will be harder to re-arrange the furniture in the bedroom. A detached luxury headboard can also stand on the floor, but, again, weight and height become issues. Heavier upholstery fabrics can make a stand-alone headboard susceptible to falling if it’s not sturdy between the bed and the wall.

A luxury headboard is a statement piece. It creates an air of sophistication and beauty in a room. When people stop to admire your luxury headboard, they’ll get a lot of clues about your personal style and sense of flair, and maybe even be a little bit envious of the beautiful piece you’ve created. A&W Upholstery is thrilled to be able to help you design the perfect luxury headboard, and we look forward to helping you create a bedroom that everyone will be talking about. We encourage clients to submit their own drawings using the estimate form on our website. It does take seven to ten working days to receive the estimate. We look forward to working with you on your luxury headboard. Sweet dreams.

Orange Luxury Headboard

Similar to tufts, channels will also require a bit more yardage for upholstery, but the finished look is excellent.

Treat Yourself to a Luxury Headboard: What you need to know.
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Treat Yourself to a Luxury Headboard: What you need to know.
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