Your Lobby Needs A Statement Piece

Your Lobby Needs A Statement Piece

Have you ever had one of those moments where you walked into a hotel or restaurant and just stopped to look at a particular piece of furniture or sculpture in the room? A good signature piece draws attention, and lets people know immediately the tone of the building they’ve walked into. Think about it. When you walk into the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas, you’re greeted by an ornate table filled with a collection of vases and beautiful fresh flowers. This immediately brings to mind words like “elegant,” “colorful,” and “expensive.” Those words are probably exactly what the Four Seasons wants you to think about, when you think about their hotel. When you walk into a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant, their signature piece is a Skee-Ball table. While the message is very different, the point is the same. These signature pieces set the tone for your expectations of the establishment.

As you work with your designer, he or she is helping you to create the image that you want to convey. Whether it’s elegant, comfortable, spacious, modern, or another word that describes your business, you want the furniture that you select with your designer to reflect that. It cements your image, and helps to build your brand. The design of your space is part of building your brand, and it reflects both how you feel about your customers, and how you want them to feel about you.

In many cases, the look of your space may be the first impression that you give a potential customer, whether through marketing materials, guest photos that have been posted online, or their own first steps into your business. It’s important that you convey exactly the message that you want your customers to get.
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While smaller pieces contribute to the overall feel of a room, a signature piece can really drive that image home. You know, the moment that you walk into a Four Seasons Hotel that you’re going to have an amazing, elegant, luxurious experience. From the plush furnishings, to the professional lobby staff, to the perfectly appointed signature piece that you can’t take your eyes off of, the message is loud and clear.

Choosing your perfect signature piece isn’t always easy. First, it’s not likely to be something you’re going to find in a design magazine, or even on the showroom floor. You’ll have to work closely with your designer to pick something that works well for your brand, as well as the space you have available. A hotel lobby is likely to have room for a larger signature piece than a restaurant will. Then, the design moves to the fabrication stage.

A great fabricator works with your designer to bring your signature piece to life. Building the frame, sourcing fabrics, and putting each piece together can take time. However, like all quality pieces, the trade off is obvious. You don’t want second best for your signature piece, after all! At A&W Upholstery, we work closely with your designer to build the best signature piece for your space.

From early design to placement in your lobby, it may take weeks to see your signature piece in place. However, the time and effort taken to carefully design and fabricate the perfect signature piece will reward you greatly over time.

Your Lobby Needs A Statement Piece
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Your Lobby Needs A Statement Piece
A statement piece sets the tone for your expectations of an establishment or venue. This post explains why it is important to send the right message with your piece, and how your designer and manufacturer play a crucial role in this significant piece of furniture.