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Next Generation

24 Feb Next Generation

In an age where hands on experience is hard to find in any industry, the art of upholstery is an even harder skill to refine without a good mentor. Bubba Austin learned the ins and outs of upholstery from his parents, Raymond and Frankie, at a very early age. The value of such a hands on education has not been lost on Bubba’s family. The youngest of his three children has spent the past three summers and other holiday breaks from school, working nearly full time as an apprentice at A&W under the supervision of his father.

He is a really hard worker. He doesn’t goof off or stand around like you would think a 13 year old boy would do. He’s so observant, and not afraid to ask questions or even make a suggestion.

Noah recently made a comment to his father saying, “I know why Mike’s work is always right. It’s because he measures so many times before he makes the first cut. He never has to go back and fix anything” It’s that kind of learning and thinking process that solidifies our belief that Noah is on the right track to following in his father’s footsteps. His father says, “This Summer he is going to find himself behind a sewing machine a lot more. He’s going to have to learn to sew to do what we do. I hope he picks it up naturally.” We’ve got faith in you Noah.